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Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in Student Loans | 0 comments

Arkansas Student Loans

Arkansas residents who have state pride and are planning to attend college within Arkansas will be well paid for their state pride.  This is because as a way to keep the high caliber higher education students within their state, Arkansas has created some great Arkansas student loan options that are only available to Arkansas residents attending school within the state of Arkansas.

If you are a college student in need of a little extra funding, (and let’s be honest, what college student couldn’t use a little extra tuition money these days?) then these would be some excellent Arkansas student loan options for you to consider.

1. Arkansas Student Loan Authority

The Arkansas Student Loan Authority, or the ASLA is a program designed to offer funding to students attending college within Arkansas.  They have helped many students attain their higher educational goals by providing them with funding options that are not available to students from other states.  This is a huge benefit to Arkansas students.  More information on the programs they offer can be found on their website, or by contacting them on the phone at 1-800-443-6030.

2. The Arkansas Association of Financial Aid Administrators

This is another state sponsored program that is dedicated to helping students in Arkansas who plan to stay in Arkansas fill in the gaps of their economic needs for college.  There are a lot of bad credit student loans in Arkansas that only offer their services through the AASFAA, so if you don’t look into their services, then you will miss out on some very exclusive and helpful Arkansas student loans.

3. The Preston R. Woodruff Scholarship

This is a small scholarship, only about $1,000, but there are many of them given out every year, and who doesn’t want an extra grand to put towards whatever student needs you might have from tuition to books to pizza money?  This is a scholarship only offered to students in Arkansas.

4. Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas

The Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas is an amazing program for Arkansas college students looking for financial aid.  If you have wanted a guaranteed student loan in Arkansas, then this is the program to look into.  More information about the SLGFA on their website or by contacting them through other means.  Any student financial aid employee will know how to contact them as well.

As you can see, Arkansas tries to take good care of their students.  In fact, even if you are not originally from Arkansas, you can take advantage of some of these programs if you can prove your current residency.

This usually means having lived in the state for more than 1 year and having a semi-permanent address.  All of the loan options we have listed here are only available to Arkansas residents and Arkansas students, but there are other loan options available to all students in America.

To take advantage of these federal loans, you will want to fill out your FAFSA application– something every college student should do whether they think they need financial aid or not.

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