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Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Student Loans | 0 comments

Arizona Student Loans

This is a rough time for students.  The average cost of University tuitions is rising at twice the rate of the national inflation.  This means trouble for students wanting to further their education.

Many students are having to fill in this monetary gap by taking out student loans for students with bad credit or young credit.  Each state has their own unique set of bad credit student loans meant to help the students trying to struggle through school in their own state.

If you are a resident of Arizona and intend to, or are currently attending a college within the state of Arizona, then here are some places for you to look for an Arizona student loan:

  • Arizona Higher Education Loan Authority: The Arizona Higher Education Loan Authority, or AHELA is a program designed to help Arizona students pay for their higher educational journey through Arizona colleges.  They offer grants, student loans, and scholarship opportunities to those who meet their requirements.  You can get more information by going here.
  • The G.I. Bill: Arizona has a very high amount of recent military veterans.  Arizona has the honor of being one of the most patriotic states in the union as they have one of the highest rates of military members.  This military service comes with some educational benefits.  If you are an Arizona college student and are looking for an Arizona student loan, then look into taking advantage of your G.I. Bill benefits.  There is more information to be found on this site.
  • Arizona State Credit Union: Many Arizona banks are hurting in this down economy.  One of the ways they are making up for it is by increasing the amount of student loans they are giving out.  The Arizona State Credit Union is one the Arizona institutions helping students in the state by offering low risk Arizona student loans.  There are other local banks doing the same, but the Arizona State Credit Union is the best place to look first for a private student loan for Arizona students.
  • AZ Student Loans: This is another program a lot like the aforementioned AHELA.  They are devoted to helping Arizona college students find the funding they need to go to their chosen Arizona colleges.  They have a great database of the best Arizona student loans that come and go depending on demand and availability.  They have all the applications on their site and there are some people that can help you navigate through these to get the best results from your efforts.

If you live in Arizona and want to attend school in Arizona, then your state pride will only be a benefit to you because these places are meant to help people just like you.

We also want to make mention that on top of these State sponsored Arizona student loans, there are some good federal student loan options that can help you as well. You would be remiss if you didn’t apply to them as well.

Make sure you fill out your FAFSA to take advantage of these other bad credit student loans.

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