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What Is The Average Orthopedic Surgeon Salary?

What Is The Average Orthopedic Surgeon Salary?

It just goes without saying that the doctors are one of the highest earners in this world. There are a lot of doctors who earn a plump income in different standards but in spite of being in the same profession, some specialists tend to earn much more than the rest. One among them is the orthopedic surgeon who enjoys pocketing the highest income in the medical arena. Do you want to know about What Is The Average Orthopedic Surgeon Salary? Yes! Then just go through this article.

Who are orthopedic surgeons?
Orthopedic surgeons are the specialists, who offer treatments to all issues that are related to the skeleton, tendons and muscles. They are capable of correcting all the birth defects; injury inflicted deformities as well as other serious illness. These surgeons also treat those who have a heavily damaged musculoskeletal system owing to accidents, stressful injuries and violence. They follow the classic open surgery methods and also the laparoscopic procedures with the help of tiny instruments in order to rectify the broken bones, eliminate the bone spurs as well as the calcium deposits in joints, repair cartilage and torn ligaments and replace the weary hip joints.


How much is the usual orthopedic surgeon income?
Modern Healthcare, an industry magazine has published an annual review of the salary of major physicians. According to it, the average orthopedic surgeon salary is 4520,475 along with the extra benefits of $104,095. The salaries of orthopedic surgeons also differ based on their different specialties. The pediatric orthopedic surgeon’s average salary is $559,422 per year and the surgeons, who deal with the hand, earn about $572,945 on an average. The interesting part is that the spine surgeons get the highest income in comparison to the other surgeons because they earn about $760,782 per year. Last year spinal surgeons topped the list with $710,556 a year.


How much does an orthopedic surgeon make?
Now that you know the average earnings of the orthopedic surgeon of the entire sub specialist, you might be wondering whether they earn the same amount in all locations across the world. Read this article further to find out their income in some of the popular locations:


Orthopedic surgeon salary in USA:
The average orthopedic surgeon salary in the USA per year ranges between $305,900 and $159,400. Based on the percentiles, the median salary of 90th percentile for the surgeons is estimated to be about $686,289 each year. Also the 75th percentile for the same surgeons was estimated at $555,789 while the 25th and 10th percentile was $324,032 and 243,530 respectively.


Orthopedic surgeon salary in Canada:
The average remuneration of the Orthopedic Surgeon working in Canada ranges from C$84,000 to C$290,874. Apart from this, the surgeons also have separate bonuses from C$750 to C$50,868 which would be maintained in a separate bank account of the surgeon. In addition, the surgeon earns total earnings from C$84,000 to C$301,335 each year.


Orthopedic surgeon salary in Australia:
An orthopedic surgeon in Australia earns a salary on an average of AU$97,871 to AU$305,209. Apart from that a bonus of about AU$101,367 would also be enjoyed by the surgeon that would be credited in the surgeon’s account. The total earnings of the surgeon would come to AU$98,870 to AU$350,000 every year.

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