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Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Web-conferencing Tool Used by Finance Guys

Web-conferencing Tool Used by Finance Guys

Previously, financial advisors built their clientele primarily through personal connections and referrals. This typically consisted of financial reps meeting their clients face to face, observe their body language and gather important clues about their prospects lifestyle, personality and outlook. However, it later became quite impractical to every time drive to client’s home for any discussion. Apart from the time lost in this process, it even became worse due to heavy traffic conditions and exhaustion due to long distances covered.

That’s where the importance of web conferencing tools like GoToMeeting and others come.

Being easy to setup and having great usability, many of financial services’ clients opted to join web conferencing sessions. Even the older customers who weren’t computer savvy were also able to learn and join the sessions immediately.

Another good part was that web conferencing tools allowed finance reps to keep connected even while being away from the office. It makes them easy to meet with their clients or partners even from remote locations.

Third good thing is that web conferencing reduces the average meeting time with the clients as compared to a face to face meeting. Both the client and financial rep can get right down to business without wasting time on chitchat. This makes web conferencing highly efficient by improving results and saving time. In fact, the both client & financial rep appreciate the efficiency, flexibility and time savings of web conference.

Further, web conferencing helps financial advisors in achieving strong trust and relationship with their clients. Since financial services business is based on personal & longstanding relationships, it needs to be strengthened through quick communication and increasing client loyalty.

Here comes the best part. In financial services industry, online meetings need to have certain competitiveness by using latest technology. Drawing tools and collaborative features impresses clients and add to the positive experience. Extremely impressive are the security features provided by web conferencing tools such as GoToMeeting; ultimately it’s the client’s confidential information at stake.

Finally, web conferencing tools like Goto Meeting (You can read Gotomeeting review here: allow executives to show financial projections under different economic scenarios to clients in real time. Just a change in input variables changes the result and leads to positive discussions.


It is certain that web conferencing tools have certainly made client’s confidence on financial planning services companies better than before. It has helped to validate their decisions and have got their trust established.

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